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Father Nadolny  Good News Fund, Inc.
467 Bloomfield Ave. Bloomfield, CT 06002
Telephone: 860-761-7428


I have set up a Gofundme in order to help me to continue to help others in need, and to Spread the Good News! I hope you support this so that we will all be doing God's work together. Thank you for your generosity in giving whatever you can. God Bless You! CLICK HERE.

FREE ROSARY! Call 860-761-7428

Fr. Nadolny's Prayer Billboard Campaign Forms a "Parish Without Borders" (Scroll to page 15)

Over 110,000 hand-held "I Love You, Jesus" crosses have been given to people throughout the US and the World.

Helped Children's Rosary prayer group distribute 57,000 rosaries locally and to Africa and Asia.

Before 2016, over 9 million pounds of clothing and shoes have been collected for people in Mexico, Chile and other countries. We received 3 cents per pound and so gave over $270,000 to churches and schools that have our Kiducation box on their property . See "Projects" page for a list of some of our projects.

Get a FREE wooden cross with the words, "I love you Jesus"
Call or email us today.

Donate to Sacred Heart Foodsharing and receive the CD "I Don't Dream About You Anymore"
Send donations to:

Father Nadolny Good News Fund
467 Bloomfield Ave. Bloomfield, CT 06002

"May God bless you abundantly for your donations.
Your generosity makes this work possible.
You will be remembered in all my prayers and
daily Masses."

In Christ,

Reverend Edmund Nadolny

Students at Northwest Catholic High School Moved by Tolton: From Slave to Priest - 2018

Over 40 performances of Father Augustus Tolton --- and ones of St. John Vianney, St. Terese of Lisieux, and St. Maximilan Kolbe --- have been sponsored by the Good News Fund.

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